Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC)

Recent News : ANNUAL LIGHTNING CONFERENCE 2023 (28th and 29th August 2023)

Our Patron

Dr. Aditi Kapoor, IFRC

Prof SK Dash, IIT Delhi & IMS

Prof Ashvin K Gosain, IIT Delhi

PP Shrivastav, IAS Retd

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Our Services


CROPC deals with developing hydrological models for surface water and ground water modelling, modelling of snow and glacier melt runoff, modelling and water profile simulations, flood forecasting, inundation, flood management, sediment yield estimation, thermal and water resources projects etc.

Climate Change

CROPC is involved in impact assessment of climate change on water, agriculture and environment sectors, quantifying on availability of water for drinking, irrigation, hydropower generation and industrial use of water in space and time using GCMs/RCMs output data, possible changes in severity of droughts and intensity of floods etc.


CROPC has expertise to estimate environmental flows for hydropower projects considering present and future social, agricultural and aquatic scenarios, impacts of various man-made actions on the environment including the impact assessment of point and non-point source pollutants, conservation of natural environment etc.


CROPC is able to make agricultural prediction using the crop growth models and the local weather parameters, study of water-agriculture-energy-climate change nexus, adaptation of agriculture practices under projected climate scenarios, modelling of nutrients, pesticides and fertilizer movement in agriculture area.