Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC)

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Who We Are

Climate Resilient Observing-Systems Promotion Council –abbreviated as CROPC is a Non-profit organization under section 8 of Company Act 2013.

This is a group of scientists, bureaucrats, , Disaster Managementprofessionals, researchers and students with an aim to bring in technologydriven innovative solutions in disasters and development. Initially CROPC wasformed   to act as an interface betweenCentral Early warning agencies, line departments, state, Community, NGOs andother stakeholders. CROPC has DG IMD as its ex-officio patron followed by othereminent scientists like Dr K. J. Ramesh (Former DG IMD), Mr.P. P. Shrivastav (IAS,MemberAdvisory Board NDMA), Mr. Anil Kumar  Sinha (IAS, Former VC BSDMA), Dr. VSPrakash(Member Karnataka Lake Authorities), Prof AK Gosain etc.

CROPC has a Memorandum of Understanding with India Meteorological Department(IMD), Ministry of Earth Science,Government of India tourist scientific knowledge.

CROPC model of business is mainly associated with various Central Government ministries ,state governments and academia through a formal memorandum of Understanding. Research oriented knowledge base with new students/researchers has been one of the key result area of CROPC. CROPC has mandate to do business with private entities and hance has empanelled private sector companies to deliver end to end solutions.

CROPC is mandated to function under the regulatory framework as Center for promotion of Climate Resilient Observing Systems and public notification system for various hazards due to Climate Change extremities and as a link between IMD and others for Lightning resilient India Campaign. Therefore, Lightning Resilient IndiaCampaign nationwide campaign was launched by CROPC- IMD on 26 March 2019 at IIT Delhi.

CROPC due to its strength, intervened with its technological base and global knowledge partners in climate action, environmental upgradation, preventive and proactive disaster management, developmental areas, pandemics and other areas addressing the gaps . Within a short time of 3 years, it has created a niche.

CROPC has been instrumental in designing Earthquake Early warning system, Cyclone Risk Management, Crowd Management Systems, Coal Mining Monitoring and many techno-based solutions focusing on community. The on-site Earthquake EW systems are very useful system. CROPC started with Landslide forecasts on trial basis in collaboration with NASA. Himalayan hazards like Rockslide, GLOF and LLOF are new areas where CROPC has ventured. Covid safe shelters, quarantine centers, Emergency operation centers, Covid war room, model shelters, farmers relief centers are few innovative solutions by CROPC.

Community centric collective approach of CROPC has been the impact factor of its initiatives. Citizen science approach making science simple and taking the complex scientific solutions to community has yielded remarkable results. The Emergency Operation Centers/ Covid War rooms function as hub of management of development and disasters backed by dynamic supply chain management has made CROPC interventions unique. Localization, with socio-economic conditions has been addressed and with ongoing work, more learnings is part of process improvements.

Lightning Resilient India Campaign 2019-2022

CROPC is well known for highlighting lightning not only as a disaster but towards lightning resilient India. To address the lightning disaster and put a stop to death of farmers and children across India, “Lightning Resilient India Campaign 2019-2021”- with an aim to reduce lightning deaths by 80% in 3years - a collective initiative was launched on 26 March 2019 at IIT Delhi by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Ministry of Earth Science, Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC –World Vision India and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) , IITM, Pune, NRSC, NESAC, IIT Delhi, Indian Meteorologists Society(IMS), Association of Agri Meteorologists(AAM), Indian Red Cross Society, UNICEF and other agencies. The campaign has adopted two-pronged approach that is first Immediate stop deaths due to lightning by aggressive lightning safety program and secondly Climate change adaptation in collaboration with states/institutions and communities for grass root level impact.
Lightning solutions have been successfully driven through collaborative actions and overall 40% reduction in death has been observed. Government of India has owned the CROPC-IMD initiative and the reply of Government in Parliament is testimony to it

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